What we do

We empower organizations to turn technological disruption into sustainable transformation by blending technology with software, data, intelligence and processes.


Our engineers are loaded with education, hands-on experiences, prefab solutions, code fragments, cloud foundations, software engineering, data-engineering, data science, best practices, knowledge of OSS and commercial IT and accelerators.


We can help you build your own platform and pipeline from scratch or give you a head start and run your use cases on our pre-built and ready-to-go accelerators. Our accelerators are complete, "fit-to-purpose" systems built to reduce project time, code, pipeline and project costs by up to 80%


We are strong in technology, software engineering and data engineering – but we know that the human in the loop is a crucial element.


We have a large team of experts in software and data engineering and we think we are the best in data platforms and intelligent automation. We build and operate them for many of our customers, such as Nestlé, Hunter Amenities, Radisson Blu, Rijkswaterstaat, Marriot, and many others.

We blend onshore engineering with nearshoring. Having engineers onshore or on site adds value to our customers as they can collaborate more easily, trouble shoot more efficiently and work on strategic initiatives more effectively when they are working face to face. And the cost differential of nearshoring makes a real difference.

All-in-one platform for Intelligent document processing, format-to-format & orchestration.

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All-in-one platform for real-time contextual headless end-to–end composable commerce and orchestration.

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All-in-one platform for deriving meaning from all the data and text you can get to.

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Data engineering & science platform for understanding location, traffic, transport and mobility, in real time.

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All-in-one data operations, data engineering and data management platform. Bring order to structured & unstructured data by delivering governed information.

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Our accelerators are complete, “fit-to-purpose” systems built to reduce project time, code, pipeline and project costs by up to 80%. 

We built our accelerators with the composable enterprise in mind, enabling our customers to transition from IT and project–centric to a business and product-centric setup. Business users and business leaders work together with IT, developers and analysts to build the best technology, applications and data products that align with business goals.

How we are exploring the composable enterprise

Curious what we can do?

> When we commit to a customer, our promise is to accelerate sustainable transformation and value generation. We put our experts in the lead and they work close together with the experts of our customers, from start to finish.

Legacy modernization

We migrate legacy tech to the cloud using modern architecture, infrastructure, custom code and intelligent automated processes.

Platform engineering

We can engineer a custom platform from scretch or deploy our accelerators to turn your use cases and ideas into scalable, intelligent, products. 

    DataOps & Science

    We apply ML and AI to datasets and automate data pipelines that incorporate changes continuously. Enabling automatic respond to requests for changes with unimaginable speed

      Optimize costs with our accelerators

      > We remove the need to own, run, and manage the lifecycle of the data & compute infrastructure.With guaranteed savings at scale. 

      > There are no upfront expenses. Each accelerator is full featured, and we charge for only the tenant and the data center resources needed, assessed during a free Proof of Value.

      Accelerator use cases

      The “designed-In” features leverage our accelerators for very different cases.

      Influencing driver behaviour

      Influence the choice of drivers taking the main lane or the corridor and allowing smooth lane changes. Influencing between the lanes within the lane, and change lanes at the correct spot. For example, lane changes can be optimised, capacity can be optimally utilized and braking movements can be reduced just before the lanes split, which benefits traffic flow.

      Real-time commerce

      Launch B2B, D2C, B2C, and marketplaces and offer  hyper-personalized omnichannel retail experiences by turning each customer visit into a one-on-one marketing opportunity via a correlation of historical customer data with real-time digital signals.

      Supply chain visibility

      Link control with data streams for end-to-end supply chain visibility. SymbaYou accelerator is used for for real-time operational intelligence, inventory accuracy, and omnichannel sales.

      Lane Advice

      Combine different non matching floating car datasets, loop detector data and matrix signs to measure traveller follow-up behavior for automated lane-level advises.

      Omnichannel scale

      Correlate data of events from shipping, distribution centers, stores, sales channels, and customer interactions to enable real-time omnichannel scale


      Capture and understand extensive information from both unstructured and structured text, documents and data in a matter of seconds and unleash the power of RPA.

      Real-time order management

      Split and route orders between multiple manufacturing sites, distribution centers, carriers, and sales channels. Monitor the process across inbound, outbound and reverse order flows.

      Business Intelligence

      By bringing AxxilaHQ accelerator into the equation, BI tools are able to leverage unstructured data, ad context, and expand the data sets used to generate insights.

      Getting started

      Questions? We are here to help.

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      About us

      We are GetDataInsight.

      Since 2019, we automate operations, democratizes data & AI /ML, and empower organization-wide collaboration by providing an open, scalable, composable platform that adapts to future changing expectations, technologies, and market conditions.

      We are based in Zaltbommel  and Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a subsidiary in Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine and we’ve been part of the digital transformation of market leaders and teams and have a  pretty good idea of the formula of success: the composable enterprise is the key approach to digital transformation.

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